"You will be amazed. The performance you will see on the stage can be called neither a traditional circus nor a dancing show nor a juggling, nor a theater play nor a musical. Argolla the 5th Element takes a bit of everything. It challenges the concept of traditional circus and proves that human body is capable of more than you think."

    Argolla didn't charm the audience by accident, SME newspaper

    "The ensemble of Argolla represents the Slovak Republic the best way possible. Their performances, which are compared to the famous Cirque du Soleil, bring about spontaneous and rapturous responses."

    Enchanted by beauty of movement, eStar Magazine

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    Argolla China Tour 2015
    Argolla’s performance The 5th Element has been successfully representing Slovakia all around the world for years. An upcoming five-week tour to a country known to be the cradle of circus arts just proves this.

    The Argolla team, consisting of twenty acrobats, dancers, actors and technicians, has accepted an invitation  from Beijing Denon Acoustic Music Culture Communication. Argolla is departing for Bejing on 3rd of August. The group is going to tour eight cities and give twenty performances.

    “China is a nursery of the world’s best circus artists. This form of art has a long tradition there. Therefore we feel honoured, that it is our performance that has been chosen by the Beijing Cultural Institute,” said the 5th Element’s director Silvia Polackova.
    Press release, 1.8.2015

    This is how a modern circus looks like
    Electrifying aerial acrobatics, dance with fire, acrobatics in a water bowl, hand to hand acrobatics, acts with juggling cubes or UV lights, live music. Performance Argolla the 5th element.
    SME newspaper photogallery, 20.1.2013

    Photo of the Day
    Dance-acrobatic show Argolla the 5th Element - photogallery. online magazine

    A Successful Premiere in Slovakia
    Successful opening night of the show of Argolla the 5th Element put on January 18, 2013 in Bratislava. The enthusiastic audience (estimated attendance of 2,500 people) enjoyed the unique work of Slovak artists who for the first time after their success abroad presented their show in their home country – in Slovakia.
    - Argollaproductions, Press release, 20.1.2013

    Argolla the 5th Element in TV JOJ – Headlines
    Creators and performers from Argolla’s 5th Element show were presented on TV JOJ's News Headlines.
    Headlines at 12:00, TV JOJ, 13.11.2012

    Argolla The 5th Element – Enchanted by beauty of movement
    „The ensemble of Argolla represents the Slovak Republic the best way possible. Their performances, which are compared to the famous Cirque du Soleil, bring about spontaneous and rapturous responses. This is why we have asked the founders of Argolla - Silvia Poláčková and Matúš Ritomský a couple of questions“
    - Mercedes Magazine, eStar online

    Argolla Stuns the Korean Audience
    „Apart from its national hockey team, Slovakia has many other ensembles that represent their country successfully. However, not a lot of people in our country know about their worldwide success. The dance-acrobatic ensemble of Argolla is definitely one of them. These days, Argolla is performing at World Art Circus Festival and is selling out the halls“.
    TV Markíza, News Headlines, 27.5.2012

    The Slovaks stun 50 000 Koreans
    „A Circus doesn’t have to be only clowns and tigers. Aesthetics and gracefulness are those properties that are assured a place in contemporary circus. Matúš Ritomský a Silvia Poláčková have drawn on their experience from their tours across Europe and founded Argolla as the first modern circus in Slovakia. “
    HNTV online, 27. 6. 2012

    Asia Will Be Entertained By Our Circus Stars
    „The Slovak ensemble of Argolla will perform among the top leaders in circus and acrobatic entertainment. The project started seven years ago in Slovakia and it is going to be presented at World’s Circus Art Festival in Gwangyang, South Korea. “
    Hospodárske Noviny newspaper, 9.5.2012

    Czech Press Photo 2012
    Martin Červeňanský won the CANON JUNIOR AWARDS at a prestigious competition, Czech Press Photo 2012, with a series of photos of Argolla - The 5th Element tour in South Korea.
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